Precision Strip Steel

voestalpine Precision Strip is specialised in the processing of medium and high-alloy steels as well as in the special finishing of strip steel products. Experience and expertise over many years make us the global specialists for jobs where the competition has long since given up. It is the pleasure gained from working on special jobs that drives us. We are driven to find highest-level solutions with win-win situations for ourselves and, above all, our customers.
Precision Strip Steel

Treatment Conditions

Annealing-Anealing line
Anealing line


Annealed / re-rolled 

In bell type furnaces or continuous annealing lines we obtain a regular sub-critically annealed structure, such that during processing the best deformation and punching behaviour is obtained. Through cold or temper rolling defined strength characteristics are achieved – if desired also in stress-free annealed condition. Surface finish:
  • bright rolled 
  • rough rolled
  • bright pickled
  • bright brushed
  • bright ground
  • quenched/full pickled
Hardened or quenched & tempered-H² Jet hardening line
H² Jet hardening line

Hardened or quenched & tempered

With various hardening processes it is possible to obtain quenched and tempered or structural conditions suited to applications, thus saving the customers from having to carry out further hardening. Surface finish:
  • rough rolled 
  • bright brushed
  • bright ground
  • grayblue