Precision Strip Steel

voestalpine Precision Strip is specialised in the processing of medium and high-alloy steels as well as in the special finishing of strip steel products. Experience and expertise over many years make us the global specialists for jobs where the competition has long since given up. It is the pleasure gained from working on special jobs that drives us. We are driven to find highest-level solutions with win-win situations for ourselves and, above all, our customers.
Precision Strip Steel

Edge processed strip steel

The design of the edges is carried out on special machines, depending on the type of problem, with temper rolled, deburred or facetted finishing. Through mechanical edge working the susceptibility to cracking is considerably minimized. 
Our production portfolio includes a wide range of edge shapes. The correct choice always depends on the intended area of utilisation of the strip steel. In addition to the standard edges naturally various special shapes can be supplied, such as for example finished cutting edges or facettes with serrated teeth.
Edge processed strip steel-Inhouse developed edge processing machines
Inhouse developed edge processing machines
Edge executions-Edge executions
Edge executions zoom

Edge executions

E0  Unprocessed edge
E1  Slit edge
E2  Slit edge, surface without burr
E3  Slit edge deburred
E4  90° squared edge, rounded corners
E5  Round edge
E6  90° squared edge, sharp
E7  90° squared edge, slightly beveled corners
E8  Convex rounded edge
E9  Cutting edge