Bohlerstrip rule die steel

We at Bohlerstrip have been making rule die steel for 50 years. From being a quality leader, we have grown into the market leader worldwide. With a uniquely broad range of special products for application on a diversity of materials – right up to Kevlar and microfibre.
Bohlerstrip rule die steel

For a smoother cut

Rule die steel is one of our core competences in research, development and production at Bohlerstrip. It is choice number 1 in the production of premium products not permitting any compromises in quality.
Behind the unrivalled long service life of our cutting die steel are premium-quality raw materials, substantiated expertise in tempering steel and leading standards in profiling and edge machining.

The benefits of our products
  • Over 50 years′ experience in the die cutting industry
  • Complete value-add chain - from metallurgy right up to finished and profiled strip steel within the group
  • Complete control over the value-add chain
  • Extensive expertise in applications with many customer projects
  • Broadest product portfolio the world over
  • Speedy availability worldwide with delivery from stock

Bohlerstrip currently offers the broadest product and application range in the industry:
  • Standard non-serrated profiles 
  • Special non-serrated profiles 
  • Serrated profiles
  • Zig-zag steel

Bohlerstrip rule die steel is used for die-cutting the most diverse of materials. These materials range from leather for shoes and gloves, to complex and multi-layered textile gauzes and webbing for modern sports shoes. There are also appropriate tooth geometries from bohlerstrip for hard and rigid materials such as seals and shoe soles. In short, we are your partner for every application.
For a smoother cut-Single layer die cutting
Single layer die cutting
-Multi layer die cutting
Multi layer die cutting