Precision Strip Steel

voestalpine Precision Strip is specialised in the processing of medium and high-alloy steels as well as in the special finishing of strip steel products. Experience and expertise over many years make us the global specialists for jobs where the competition has long since given up. It is the pleasure gained from working on special jobs that drives us. We are driven to find highest-level solutions with win-win situations for ourselves and, above all, our customers.
Precision Strip Steel

Precision Strip Steel

The cold rolling of high grade steel with special steel quality requirements is our core competence. We deliver products with high homogeneity and dimensional stability, excellent surface quality and a structure that is optimally suited to the application. voestalpine Precision Strip attains these steel and product qualities by using well-coordinated handling procedures applying the most up-to-date processes and production equipment.
For all our products we can guarantee especially important quality characteristics such as precision tolerances, surface evenness and straightness, as well as excellent mechanical properties. We see ourselves as problem solvers as our suggestions are aimed towards as much customer benefits as possible.
Cold Rolled Strip Steel-

Cold Rolled Strip Steel

Corrosion resistant steels
  • Ferritic Cr steel
  • Martensitic Cr steel
  • Austenitic Cr-Ni and Cr-Ni-Mo steel
  • Precipitation-hardening steel
Creep resistant steels
Engineering steel
  • Case hardening steel
  • Heat treatable steel
Spring steel
Saw strip steel
Cold work steel
  • Backing strip steel for bimetal
  • Magnetic soft iron (Remko, RFe…)
  • Non-magnetisable steel

In addition we are able to produce all cold rollable steel grades, taking account of minimum raw material quantities. Please inform us about your requirements and we will support you to find the most suitable steel quality.

Product Range-

Product Range

DimensionsDependent on steel grade and width/thickness ratios
  • Non-hardened 
    Width 5 mm to 650 mm
    Thickness 0.08 mm to 5.00 mm
  • Hardened
    Width 5 mm to 650 mm
    Thickness 0.40 mm to 4.50 mm
  • In coils with specific coil weight up to 24 kg/mm bandwidth
  • In bars, cut to length to 12,000 mm
  • In wound oscillating coils/reels
  • Bright
  • Brush-finished
  • Ground (up to 4.5 mm thick, up to 650 mm wide)
  • Pickled
  • Colour-tempered