Precision Strip Steel

voestalpine Precision Strip is specialised in the processing of medium and high-alloy steels as well as in the special finishing of strip steel products. Experience and expertise over many years make us the global specialists for jobs where the competition has long since given up. It is the pleasure gained from working on special jobs that drives us. We are driven to find highest-level solutions with win-win situations for ourselves and, above all, our customers.
Precision Strip Steel

Profiled Strip Steel

Furthermore we also offer strip steel shapes that are close to the end product, thus allowing our clients to economise on further processing. Profiled strip steel offers extremely advantageous properties, in that constant material quality is ensured, as well as high dimensional precision of the entire production quantity. It is therefore a suitable raw material product for profiling in high scale industrial manufacturing. 

Furthermore cold-rolled profiled strip steel has an excellent surface quality with roughness values of less than N6. Individual finishing of the edges saves the customers from having to carry out further finishing works. For the final application the profiled strip steel can be converted to the desired properties through specific heat treatment. Thanks to newly acquired knowledge in rolling technology and the constant further development by voestalpine Precision Strip more and more possibilities are arising to replace machined parts with cold rolled profiled strip steel.
Profiled Strip Steel-Different types of profiled strip steel products
Different types of profiled strip steel products