The next Generation X portfolio of cutting rules.
bohlerstrip X-products are the latest innovations and address very special customer requirements. They have been developed together with our customers. You benefit from our extensive metallurgical and steel machining expertise, as well in particular from our application skills in die cutting a diverse array of materials.

Compensation on the back

Working Principle

With any standard rule, the tip of the blade is it‘s weak spot. Under overload the cutting tip loses it’s sharpness.The pressure compensation on X-PRESS rules is performed on the back of the rule. Therefore the cutting edge is protected against overload and stays sharp for a longer period of time.
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Practical experience shows

• Minimized make-ready time
• Excellent and consistant cutting quality
• Longer life of tooling
• Repeat jobs with little to no make-ready
• Easy change-over between die-cutters
• Easy processing on automatic benders