Bohlerstrip rotary die cutting

What the standout features of rotary die cutting rules from Bohlerstrip are? Selected steel quality. High-end cutting edge design for long service life. Excellent thermal and mechanical workmanship that significantly reduces fatigue failures. And a broad product range for prevalent and specific requirements.
Bohlerstrip rotary die cutting

Serrated rotary cutting rules

voestalpine Precision Strip has made the grinding of teeth on rotary rules into one of its core competences, and now offers a large array of diverse serration profiles. All products have been developed with our rotary specialists working in the US market. These specialists have been working in this industry for many years and are able to boast special application knowledge. Take a look at the core features and application areas of rotary die cutting rules from Bohlerstrip:
USC 10-

USC 10

One of the most diverse rotary die cutting rules on the market. With premium-quality cutting results for a broad range of corrugated cardboard.
STC 12-

STC 12

With optimised cutting edge for light, single-layer and micro corrugated cardboard layers. Also ideal for foam material.
SWC 8-


Developed for cutting heavier 2 and 3-layer corrugated cardboard sheets.
SWC 10-

SWC 10

Ideal for cutting single-layer corrugated cardboard.
US 8-

US 8

Combines the benefits of a laterally ground tooth with a central edge geometry.
ST 5-

ST 5

For the precision cutting of honeycomb cardboard and foam material.
USC 8-


Guarantees best cutting results with minimal cutting force, even for thick materials.
STC 8-


For the precision cutting of honeycomb cardboard and foam material.
US 10-

US 10

Shaved on one side, ground on the other. For the most gentle cutting performance.
CF CC 14-

CF CC 14

Flat notched with extremely sharp cutting side. Perfected for cutting fibrous materials, plastics and fluted corrugated cardboard.
Shallow Profile-

Shallow Profile

The special notch profile enables a particularly gentle cut for a diversity of materials.
ST 20-

ST 20

Specially developed for cutting fluted corrugated cardboard.
SFST 12-


The original edge profile from Bohlerstrip for rotary cutting rules. Recommended for light, single-layer and micro corrugated cardboard and for diverse foam materials.


Specially developed for cutting Foam-X® cardboard boxes.