Bohlerstrip rotary die cutting

What the standout features of rotary die cutting rules from Bohlerstrip are? Selected steel quality. High-end cutting edge design for long service life. Excellent thermal and mechanical workmanship that significantly reduces fatigue failures. And a broad product range for prevalent and specific requirements.
Bohlerstrip rotary die cutting

ProCut - a level higher than "best"

Even sturdier, even better printing characteristics.

In ProCut, Bohlerstrip is opening up new perspectives for innovative trends in the production of packaging made of corrugated cardboard.

ProCut is synonymous with a new era in rotary steel rules for corrugated cardboard packaging.

With an edge hardness penetrating even further down. With thermally optimised material structure. With hybrid jagged geometry – sharp but not too aggressive. This penetrates the material easily, with reduced wear of the counter cylinder blanket due to a lower tooth depth. The ideal cutting concept for heavy corrugated cardboard as used for fruit and vegetable packaging, etc.
  • Even greater stability and prolonged service life thanks to increased hardness of the body
  • Reduced cutting force
  • Reduced levels of dust
  • Reduced risk of cracks, even for tight bending angles
  • Extraordinarily smooth cutting result

ProCut - a level higher than


– Improved rule stability due to
   higher body hardness
– Reduced anvil cover wear
– Low dusting
– Reduced cracking risk when
   bending narrow angles
– Cleaner – finished cut appearance
   due to true center bevel


– Deeper hardened edge
– Thermally distressed curved rule
– Fine-ground bevels
– Radius gullet
– Hybrid tooth geometry – sharp
   but not too aggressive
– Symmetric edge profile