Flatbed steel rules

It is the performance that makes the difference. 

The better is always the enemy of the good. Premium is always more than optimum. Things that were state-of-the-art yesterday have maybe become the standard today. This is the reason why we at bohlerstrip permanently strive to push the limits. In close cooperation with our customers we develop new, innovative solutions and make them real. 
Flatbed steel rules

Quality from body to the edge

Die cutting of cardboard boxes, laminated packaging and components in the electronics industry: Our precision steel rules also enable you to produce at high speed, with first-class quality and under cost-effective conditions. Thanks to excellent cutting performance and minimal dimensional tolerances.

Behind this is leading material and machining technology from Bohlerstrip. It starts with the selection of perfectly suitable steel. It facilitates state-of-the-art core processes such as cold rolling and tempering. And it includes additional features such as special edge finishes and surface qualities.
Through-hardened cutting rules-

Through-hardened cutting rules

Through-hardened rules have the same hardness in body and edge. Our specific tempering and decarburisation process achieves a specific rule structure, with a soft but deep decarburisation zone, which results in excellent bending properties. In general, bohlerstrip cutting edge and bevels have a shaved (S) finish for highest accuracy.

Body hardnessEdge hardness
TOP~ 450 HV (45 HRC)~ 450 HV (45 HRC)
H75~ 525 HV (51 HRC)~ 525 HV (51 HRC)
Edge-hardened rules-

Edge-hardened rules

Edge-hardened rules offer a high-frequency hardened tip which results in extended service life and reduced tip wear. These rules are available in shaved (S), standard ground (G) and polished (P) bevel execution.

Body hardnessEdge hardness
UNIVERSAL~ 340 HV (35 HRC)~ 660 HV (58 HRC)
UNIVERSAL 40~ 390 HV (40 HRC)~ 660 HV (58 HRC)
UNIVERSAL 60~ 450 HV (45 HRC)~ 660 HV (58 HRC)
UNIVERSAL 75~ 525 HV (51 HRC)~ 700 HV (60 HRC)
EXTRA~ 390 HV (40 HRC)~ 720 HV (61 HRC)