Bohlerstrip bimetal

Bohlerstrip was one of the first in Europe to deploy bimetal technology. Now we are the global market leader and are clearly setting the technological benchmarks for bimetal saw blades.
Bohlerstrip bimetal

Bimetal to perfection

The pioneer in the production of bimetal strip
Today in industrial metal applications bimetal saws are indispensable. The big advantage in the use of bimetal saws is the inseparable compound of two different steel grades with different mechanical and physical properties, welded together by a longitudinal laser welding process. With our leading knowledge in bimetal strip production and our unique laser welding facilities in Austria we are in a world-wide leading position to connect two different steel grades – high speed steel on the cutting edge and “temper-resistant spring steel” for the backing – in an outstanding quality for superior high-performance saws made by our customers. voestalpine Precision Strip (before Böhler-Uddeholm Precision Strip) is the pioneer in this technology and for 25 years has been the world’s leading producer of bimetal strip and also strategic supplier for all important metal saw producers all over the world.

  • Bimetal strip  for band saws
  • Jig saws and reciprocating saw blades
  • Hand hacksaw blades
  • Hole saws and power hacksaw blades
  • Oscillating saws
  • Special application
    - Blades for ice skating shoes
    - Parts for automotive and electronic industry 

Indestructible hard on the edge, with a flexible body

The advantage of the laser welding process is the minor volume of the welding seam. This makes production steps of levelling the welding seam unnecessary and has no influence on the transformational behavior of the strip. Also the heat influence during the welding process on the main steel components is negligible. Therefore our bimetal strip fulfills highest requirements concerning dimensional accuracy, metallurgical purity and quality of the welding seam.
As a result our customers receive an excellent bimetal strip which is the base for a high end segment of metal saws with outstanding properties in cutting force, fatigue resistance and long lifetime.

Variety of solutions
Through close co-operation with universities and research institutes it has been possible to develop an automatic control mechanism which guarantees continuous and consistent high quality:
  • An optimum durability of the weld­ing seam due to the installation of an automatic high precision guide ensures an accurate joint of the high speed steel and the backing during the welding process.
  • weld without defects due to an automatic identification and removal process of all non-conform weld areas
  • Easy to mill the teeth due to low hardness of the weld seam.
  • A high lifetime as a result of excellent surface- and edge finish as well as high quality backing.
  • In addition we offer bimetal strip with minimal distortion and outstanding heat treatment response.
Bimetal to perfection-Product-portfolio of our bi-metal customers
Product-portfolio of our bi-metal customers
-laser longitudinal welding method
laser longitudinal welding method